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5 ways to internationalise your Student Recruitment strategy

We have seen International Education Experts ruminating on just how dramatic and far-reaching the impact of Brexit might be. And to be honest, we are quite happy to let these folk do the clever stuff. In the meantime however, we know that international student recruitment is as competitive and fast paced as ever and luckily what we also know is how to execute simple, effective student recruitment campaigns focused specifically on the markets that matter to you.

So, whilst the sector tries to figure out what happens next – take a look below at what you should be doing now to ensure intakes 17 and 18 are as successful as possible:

1. Embed intelligent enquiry forms on to your website

The information you require from local and international students can vary from region to region. Ensure that your team is equipped to follow up with international students by embedding a responsive Gecko Form onto your website, collecting the most relevant information from prospective international students.

2. Country specific forms 

The more times you travel to a region, the more you learn about the local dialect, use this knowledge to aid your form building and adapt your forms to include local dialect or request region specific qualifications and IELTS scores. Once these are in place, download the Gecko App and take the forms wherever you go!

3. Automated email and SMS follow-ups

With Gecko Form you can plan your follow-up email and SMS messages before you have captured student’s details. Using the workflows in Gecko Form you can tailor your country or even event specific responses based on their input.

4. Purchase international VOIP numbers

Following up with initial enquiries is one of the most important stages of the conversion process. To give yourself more credibility, tailor your phone number to international regions via VOIP. If you are unsure, how this works, check out Gecko Call!

5. Record your calls

VOIP technology enables you to record all of your inbound and outbound phone calls which will enable your team to refresh their memory when it comes to following up with international students. After all, personalised content is said to improve conversion by 10%! 

VOIP technology is a great way of measuring and proving your team have been providing the right visa information!